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About Nicola

I’m a spiritual teacher, angelic channel, mystic, nature lover, and have been intuitive all of my life, here's a bit more about me!


You could say I was the black sheep of the family, always feeling things deeply, I was different and as a child I never felt I 'fitted in' or was fully understood....


In 1995 I discovered Holistic Therapies, I found ‘my people’ they spoke my language, energy, healing, frequency… I devoured this knowledge Reiki, Reflexology, Crystals!  I studied and studied some more…


In 1999 I took over a small Holistic Clinic ‘Earth Star’.  Life was fast paced, I was a busy Mum of two, juggling working and studying,  and as I leaned into my sensitivity I began to change.  


My spiritual side began to surface, it had been there in the background all along, I had spirit contact and began channeling guides for my clients.  




In 2001, my whole world began to shift, I expanded and grew and everything came crashing down.  My marriage, my family, my friends… they were ‘loosing the old me’, it was overwhelming, but I now know this was all meant to be, it was huge and a pivotal point in my life.


My perception of the world and everything around me had changed, this is what I now know was my ‘awakening’.

How I went from feeling isolated and misunderstood 

to discovering that my empathy and sensitivity was actually my superpower 

Awakenings aren’t easy… the thing is everyone else couldn’t see what I could see! The ‘truth’ had been revealed, I tried so hard to explain, to show them my new world, but the more I tried the worse it became, I was more different than ever.


I was in turmoil, I knew I was on the right path, it felt more right than anything I had ever experienced, my new world was filled with excitement, it held so much possibility.


My spirit guides were beside me every step of the way and my work with the spiritual realms continued to develop. As I began to let go, I was divinely guided to all the right people on my transformational journey, one by one they appeared to help me heal and grow.


I discovered so much about myself, my relationships, I cleaned up my diet and my health issues disappeared, I released the shadows and layer after layer of emotional, physical & spiritual pain shifted, there was no stopping me, it wasn’t easy, but I was on a mission!



It’s not easy to let go, there can be incredible resistance in surrendering, so much fear rises around the unknown and what is ahead, but as the lessons get bigger and bigger, you can hold it no more and you simply have to LET GO.


This is when the magic happens, we have allowed space for the new.


We’re here experiencing life on ‘Earth School’, every day is a lesson, we’re not here to stand still, we’re here to expand and grow and as we do we invite more beauty into our life.

We're not here to stand still, we're here to

expand and grow

You simply have to LET GO, this is
when the magic happens

I knew there was a 'plan', I felt it... things were about to change

I was to meet my match, and in 2004 I married David.  We had been here before and have journeyed together, side by side.


We were guided to Macrobiotics, translated 'great life', an ancient philosophy for living and eating in a balanced way, in harmony with nature.   


Together we shared what we had learnt, opening a Macrobiotic teaching school and travelled around the world, lecturing, cooking and consulting for 15 years.  


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Fast forward twenty-five years, so far I have had such a full life, and have witnessed magical wonder and now I get to help people like you every day, releasing and healing all the parts that no longer serve you, aligning with your truest self and unlocking your souls path. I’m not saying it’s easy, change is never easy, it’s messy but there is a lot of magic on the other side.

This healing work is a mind, body, spirit thing and I'm here to help you through whatever
might be rising in you 

I now channel the highest vibrational energies, light language, angels, masters and star beings, I work with crystalline sound frequencies, I assist people to release emotions held in their energy body, and take them on healing journeys as they release triggers and blocks, holding patterns, relationships and past life memories… how could I ever call this ‘work’?!


My healing toolbox is full of all the magical and wondrous tools I have used and experienced myself on my own journey, seeing me through painful emotions, heavy energies and often a tormented mind.  This healing palaver is a mind, body, spirit thing and I’m here to help you through whatever might be rising in you…



"Life won't sparkle unless you do"

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