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'JOURNEY with the angels'

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This isn't your typical 'course' or 'programme', it is a magical 6 month mastermind, where an intimate group of 8 of us will be together, on a transformative journey alongside the angels - Clearing, Healing, Growing Spiritually and sprinkling some magic in your daily life.


something magical unfolded

In June something magical unfolded, a host of angels appeared in the middle of the night, one after another, introducing themselves, bringing profound and very clear messages to assist us in our spiritual growth.

step into the experiential realm

Welcome to a transformative journey that awaits you on the path to self-discovery and spiritual connection!  But this is more than a 'journey', its an immersive experiential odyssey.  Embracing the magic of letting go, a sacred space where you can trust and safely explore all that unfolds. 


This is an opportunity to experience profound transformation and spiritual growth, alongside an intimate, supportive and caring community of just 8 like-minded people.

the world is changing

We are all being called to rise up, to move into our hearts and raise the vibration of the planet.  The world is evolving, life on earth is shifting, change is in the air, bringing radical transformation... Do you feel it?


An age of peace and harmony has been foreseen by mystics and seers for thousands of years.  We are living on the edge, as our world shifts.  It is an intense time as all recalibrates, as masses begin to awaken to the truth and collectively choose to break free from fear, division and control. We are moving into a time of peace and happiness, you may already sense there is something much bigger available to you.  


Each of us has divine assistance, our guides, angels and loved ones walk alongside us.  But we don't need to be clairvoyant or psychic to experience 'angelic' contact, our angels are there awaiting your call, you are never alone. 


In your times of despair, when you feel lost and lonely, when everything in your world is going wrong, your angels are there ready to lift your spirits and point you in the right direction, bringing a sense of calm back to your life, but do you ever ask them for help?


In this journey, we will be working closely with the angels that introduced themselves to me back in June, they are ready to reveal themselves to you, and as a small intimate group of up to 8 people, each month we will call in their divine assistance to help us navigate whatever we are going through as a group and individually. 


They are aware of our human struggles, and ready to assist us in opening our hearts, letting go of fearsand develop our highest potential.  This is your opportunity to rise, evolve, and embark on a soulful journey towards a more enlightened and fulfilled life.


Are you really ready to take the leap?  

A Channeled Message

4 April '22

It is a time of the great awakening, a time to break free, breaking free from what was, all that does not serve you, all that is restricting you - the light is casting shadows on your life, illuminating all that is.  

Trust in all that is being shown to you, for you have trusted all of your life.  The illusion can be no more, for it will not have the power to continue.  

Many will awaken in fear, many in shock, for all the lies and deceit they have believed.

The new world is pure, full of beauty, a peaceful world with free flowing and abundant love - no shadows, no fear, just light that will shine and radiate all that choose to bathe in it.

The choice is yours, the darkness is fading fast, but the time will come to choose which path you wish to follow -  be ready - this wonderous journey is awaiting

Before I tell you all the magical transformation that happens in

‘Journey with the Angels’, let’s see if it’s for you…
If you are a sensitive, empath, creative, healer

or heart-centred entrepeneur and you’re…

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Ready to meet the angels on this journey of transformation, who will be there to inspire, guide and help you, so you will never feel like you are navigating life alone again

Ready to fully immerse yourself, make the changes you want to see in your life and fulfill your dreams


Ready to embrace a life where you can overcome fear, so you can stand firmly grounded, embracing your true power while unlocking your limitless potential


Ready to unlock the gateway to your higher self and dive into the harmonious flow of life?

Ready to feel the embrace of universal love, navigate through change effortlessly, overcome resistance, and step confidently into a higher version of yourself

Trust in the Angels and take the first step toward your evolution

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What people are saying…

“I deeply trust Nicola through our process which enables me to continuously work through what shows up in life that seems challenging”

“Nicola shares her wisdom and experience with such compassion”

“I sensed Nicola was the person to help me reconnect to my spirituality and channel my gifts, and this was proven true every step of the way”

“I would 1000% recommend Nicola and all of her services”

“Part of me wishes I’d done this earlier”


Here’s what you’ll find inside

‘Journey with the Angels’


To begin our journey together you will receive a personal COSMOLOGY STAR READING, this will help guide us on your tailored individual path for the next 6 months, calling in the angels that are going to assist you personally on this magical journey.


As we meet each month on our angelic group session, we'll discover what is needed in our nurturing and supportive community as we clear and let go, using quantum healing techniques, allowing the magic to unfold.  We will call in the angels with the help of channeled messages and frequencies of sound and light; alchemy crystal sound bowls and light language to inform, support and guide us on the next step of our transformation.


This is your personal opportunity each month for us to meet, discuss and work on anything that is coming up for you, using all the techniques of the live group sessions and more.


In addition to our monthly sessions and 1:1 support you will also have access to supportive resources to help you navigate anything that comes up during our time together.  This may include ALCHEMY CRYSTAL SOULD BOWL SESSIONS, LIGHT LANGUAGE ACTIVATIONS, QUANTUM HEALING, CHANNELLING FROM THE ANGELS AND GUIDES, GUIDED MEDITATIONS AND JOURNEYS.


When we are doing this work on our own, it can feel lonely and uninspiring, it's easy to lose momentum.  It can be helpful to have a supportive community that is available to you all the time should you have questions or want to share your celebrations. 


I will invite you to join our online community where I can continue to support you throughout the month and we can share our wins and insights. 



Alongside the channeling I have received imagery of the angels, as and when they make themselves known the angel art will be coming to you in the form of a gift.


Enhance your experience with this FREE Bonus




Light Language is the LIGHT that you 'ARE", your own personal codes becoming known to you.  This personalised art and audio transmission will assist in activating the light in you.  When you hear and see the codes, there is a resonance, a knowing...




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Are you ready to embrace the wonder, embrace the angels

and embrace your evolution?

A 6 Month Journey with the Angels

  • Personal Star Cosmology Reading

  • 6 x 90 min LIVE Angelic Group Sessions

  • 6 x 1:1 Monthly Personal Support

  • Resources

  • Online Community

  • Sacred Gift


  • Personalised Light Language Art & Audio Transmission

What is a 'Cosmology Star Reading' and how can it help me?

Clear and practical guidance, allowing you to understand yourself and your family in a deeper way, so you can enhance your relationships with others, at home or at work, allowing you to develop a more fulfilling lifestyle. Knowing the right way to proceed can make life entirely different!

You will discover what star type you are, what types of people you relate to best, who your ideal partner is, what career or occupation you are best suited for and a wealth of other information on your health, love life, family relations, material success and spiritual destiny.

Questions people are asking...

How much time do I need to dedicate to this journey?

This is a self-paced journey, you can dedicate as much time as you like to your spiritual growth, as with everything, the 'more you put in, the more you get out', but we do live busy lives and I understand that some months will be easier to focus on your journey than others

Is attendance to the LIVE sessions mandatory?
It is highly recommended, since our main focus will be around the topics that arise during these sessions, the angels and their messages, the healing and clearing.  But appreciate you may not make all the calls, so everything will be recorded and you will be sent the replay after.

What time are the calls every month?

The calls will be at 7pm UK time and will last between 90 mins and 2 hrs.


The Journey Begins June 2024

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